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CANCELLED Nordic Summit 2022: Purpose

syys 9

to 08.09.2022
pe 09.09.2022

Helsinki, Scandic Park

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Why do we own together? What is our purpose? Can it change over time? We will explore and discuss the importance of shared purpose and how it is a powerful driving force for successful enterprising families.


Together with other family business owners from the Nordics we will share, learn and challenge ourselves. At the Nordic Summit, we will explore the importance and role of shared purpose within enterprising families.

On Thursday we will start with an optional peer discussion, hosted by the Finnish NxG comittee: What are the key values to you in working life and what is the purpose of your family business? How do you handle possible conflict in values, and which principles are you not ready to compromise on? Cross-generational discussion is also welcome, so you can join even if you are not a NxG!

After that we will move on with interesting speeches and panel discussions. For example Miia Porkkala & Ville Aho, Aho Group, Finland are discussing about the topic Why do we want to own together? Eva Fischer, Brunata, Denmark will lead us Back to the values for a better future.

The event is hosted by Eva Wathén, Koskisen Oy, Finland.

On Thursday we will enjoy the delicious food and beautiful views of the Meripaviljonki, which is a family-owned restaurant. 

You can also find some more information from the Facebook event.



Registration fee:

  • 500 € + vat 24% / normal price including dinner at Meripaviljonki
  • 450€ + vat 24% / NxG price including dinner at Meripaviljonki

It is also possible to attend only the dinner at Meripaviljonki, 180€ + vat 24%. This price does not include the Summit program at Scandic Park.

Please note that accommodation is not included in the registration fee. We have an open room quota at the Scandic Park Hotel for 8.-9.9.2022. Room prices are 132€/night for a single room and 152€/night for a double room. We recommend booking your accommodation via our link, which you will receive with the confirmation email.

Please note that your registration is binding. Per our cancellation policy, registrations can be cancelled for free until Monday 22.8.2022. No refunds can be made for cancellations received after this date. Should you have any questions regarding the event, please contact jasenpalvelu@perheyritys.fi



For the members of Finnish Family Firms Association and / or FBN

Mitä hyötyä?


8.9.2022 (Helsinki time)


NxG Peer Discussion (optional)

Hosted by the Finnish NxG committee:
Catharina Ehrnrooth, Antti Ahlström Perilliset Oy
Iiro Kankaansyrjä, Kapasity Oy
Oliver Laiho, Laiho Indurtries Oy


Networking lunch


Opening remarks

Alexander Bargum, FBN Finland


Purpose in family businesses

Timo Suokko, Finland
Eva Wathén, Koskisen Oy, Finland


Why do we want to own together?

Miia Porkkala & Ville Aho, Aho Group, Finland
Moderator: Mikko Pellinen, FBN Finland




Networking break



Kajsa Andersson, EAB, Sweden


Back to the values for a better future

Eva Fischer, Brunata, Denmark


Dinner and drinks

Restaurant Meripaviljonki



Good morning! Coffee is served.


Professorship in ownership

Samuli Knüpfer, Professor of Ownership, Aalto University


Can our purpose change over time?

Johannes Gullichsen, Antti Ahlström Perilliset Oy, Finland
Ariane Spandow, Spabo Group + Amesto, Norway
Moderator: Peter Therman, Hartwall Capital, Finland


Family Business in the age of Transparency

Alexis du Roy de Blicquy, FBN International


Networking break



Tomas Ries, Swedish Defence University, Sweden


Key learnings and closing remarks

Eva Wathén, Koskisen Oy, Finland


Networking lunch and goodbyes


Tomas Ries


Dr. Tomas Ries is Associate Professor of Security and Strategy at the Swedish National Defence University in Stockholm. Dr. Ries has worked with security studies since 1979. Currently his four main interests are: The globalising security environment and future trends, European and Nordic security, the analytical and practical challenges of the new security environment and the essence of strategy and security.

Samuli Knüpfer


Samuli Knüpfer is Professor of Ownership at Aalto University School of Business in Finland. Knüpfer has taught thousands of students, coordinated the work of several research groups, led a doctoral program in finance, and supervised many doctoral candidates. His peer-reviewed and often award-winning research has been published in some of the top journals in the international academic field, such as the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, and the Review of Financial Studies.

Eva Fischer


Eva Fischer Hansen was part of the long-standing owner family behind the cleantech company Brunata. Until 2018, she spearheaded the company's turnaround and sales. Eva is currently a speaker and advisor to family-owned companies. She specializes in helping family businesses increase their returns by strengthening the owner family relationships and professionalizing management.

Ville Aho


Ville Aho is the President and CEO of the Rukakeskus corporation, owned by the Aho family. Rukakeskus operates in the tourism industry and it is responsible for the operation of the Ruka and Pyhä ski resorts, including significant accommodation business and property ownership. Ville is the youngest of the five owner siblings and also serves on the owner's board of AhoGroup Oy.

Miia Porkkala


Miia Porkkala is a second-generation family entrepreneur at Aho Group Oy and an active member of several boards. Under Miia's leadership, an ownership strategy for the Aho family has been developed, in which preparing for the generational change is an important part. Aho Group consists of two independent corporations operating in the tourism and healthcare sector and it is owned by Miia and her four siblings.

Ariane Spandow


Ariane Spandow is a third-generation owner and a chair of Spabogruppen. After founding and running her own company Ariane decided to join the family business in 2012. She has since then worked to institute sustainable operations with a social perspective as the bedrock of all companies in the corporation. She is passionate about sustainable businesses and constantly exploring the different possible ways in which Amesto and Spabo can work with corporate social value in a strategic way.

Kajsa Andersson


Kajsa Andersson is a third generation of EAB Group, Smålandsstenar Sweden. She changed from Stockholm and Mondelez-chocolate to Smålandsstenar and EAB-doors in 2021. Kajsa enjoys cross-country skiing in the winter and cycling in the summer. And throughout the whole year, trying to make the house and the garden survive and thrive.


500€ + vat 24% / normal price

450€ + vat 24% / NxG price


Helsinki, Scandic Park
Mannerheimintie 46, 00260 Helsinki


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