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We Stand With You, Ukraine, Finnish Business Organizations say

Julkaistu 25.02.2022

The four largest Finnish business and industry organizations condemn Russian military attack against Ukraine. Finnish Family Firm Association (PL), Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), Finnish Chamber of Commerce and The Federation of Finnish Enterprises want to express their strongest support to the Ukrainian people.

“We are deeply shocked for this horrendous attack against a sovereign European state and its people. This is an aggression against all democratic European countries and values of humanity”, Minna Vanhala-Harmanen, the CEO of Finnish Family Firm Association says.

“It’s important that the European Union shows a strong commitment to help Ukraine and remains united. Sanctions against Russia must be well targeted and effective”, Jyri Häkämies, the CEO of the Confederation of Finnish Industries says.

“We hope Ukraina resists successfully and international efforts to convince Vladimir Putin to stop the hostilities succeed as soon as possible. This aggression must be stopped”, Juho Romakkaniemi, the CEO of Finland Chamber of Commerce says.

“This war has already caused unnecessary deaths of both soldiers and civils. War damages severely also the economy and businesses and makes lives of Ukrainian families very, very difficult”, Mikael Pentikäinen, the CEO of The Federation of Finnish Enterprises says.